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St Clare’s Abbey Primary School, Newry
Board of Governors Dear ParentsPlease refer to the School Website - 'About Us' Section - Policies and Board of Governors Sub Sections to access updated Board of Governors Membership and Child Protection arrangements.These changes were made yesterday (22.05.18) following guidance from the Diocesan Office.
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Attendance Information

Children are required by law to attend school.

An attendance of 85% or below throughout the year is a loss of 6 weeks education for a child which, in reality, means missing out on 6 or 7 topics across the Curriculum.

Please be aware that children’s attendance is not monitored by the school but by Education Authority’s Welfare Officer (EWO) on a monthly basis.

The parents / carers of children with 90% or less attendance usually receive a letter of concern from the School Parental Co-ordinator (Miss Blanaid O’Shea).

Should attendance continue to be an issue, the EWO will become responsible for monitoring the future attendance of the pupil every month.

The EWO also monitors pupils who are persistent late comers or display a pattern of leaving school before class is over.

Parents should explain all absences to the Class Teacher verbally/by note or by St Clare’s Abbey Primary School Pro-forma Absence letter, which will be provided upon return to school.

Parents are expected to inform school about planned holidays during the school terms, however, please be aware that ALL HOLIDAYS taken during term time are considered UNAUTHORISED by the Attendance Officer.




St Clare's Abbey is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.

We recommend adult supervision for all links to external sites and at all time for children when using the internet.

Please visit our "Online Safety" page under About Us.


If your child needs to take medication during school hours you must read this document and call into the office to sign the appropriate form.


We have children with life threating allergies in St Clare's Abbey