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St Clare’s Abbey Primary School, Newry

Parents View on Online Safety

30th Apr 2018


I am a mother of a Primary five pupil in St Clare's Abbey. I have spoken to my child about online safety but decided to reinforce our previous conversations by writing a poem.



Bad guys like to lurk inline

The grimy slimy creepy kind

Some are ladies, some are men

Some are kids as young as ten

They prey on kids, they bully their peers

It’s sad to say it’s been going on for years

Bad guys don’t have to look like slender man

They usually have a cunning plan

They are hiding in your internet browser

Poor mum and dad are none the wiser

They try to entice little girls, with their little curls

To keep secrets from their family

To talk about things that just aren’t right

It keeps them from their sleep at night

They also prey on little boys

The tiny kind that play with toys

It really makes my tummy feel funny

It makes me want to tell my mummy

So it’s really rather simple advice

To keep you safe on your device

Keeping it to yourself is bad

You must go tell your mum and dad.