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St Clare’s Abbey Primary School, Newry

Sports Scientist Visits St Clare's Abbey

30th Oct 2018


We have the right to the best…


Our school teamed up with STATSports to try out the latest performance monitoring devices used by elite sports teams. These are worn by athletes during practice games and matches to collect intricate data on their performance and physical wellbeing. 

Teams in the English Premier League, La Liga, the NFL, NBA and other professional sporting leagues use STATSports’ performance trackers to gather and analyse real-time player and team data during training and games to help them improve performance, strategy and reduce injuries.

We enjoyed learning about the cutting edge technology and sport science which has changed the way elite sport is played, coached, measured and analysed.

Articles 31 and 24 help ensure we are part of the FUTURE!!!!!!

 Pictured are Primary 7 pupils with Stephen Bradley from STATSports using specialised equipment to enhance performance and improve physical wellbeing.